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Default Re: Fed Directly Threatens American citizens.

Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
The whole banking disaster was diverted by one simple move...

They let banks take the negative debts off the table so it didn't tie up their money reserves.

As the housing market was collapsing, Banks had to set aside funds for every failing loan, which take 40 times that amount from their lending power.

A gun was held to America's head saying give us money or the world as you know it would end, but what happened very quietly was the policy of reserving money against bad debt was removed.

That one step was enough to turn around the banks...

so the 700 Billion given banks was not necessary much less the 20 Trillion in 0 interest loans meant to stimulate the economy which ended up being used to cover up bad investments by the banks...

The Fed was terrified for many reasons about the banking system failing because it would have opened up the books to public scrutiny.

That is why all the banks and financial institutions that were failing, were sliced and diced and tossed into larger institutions before anyone had a chance to look.

With the Federal Reserve in control this information will never be released to the public, now, there is a push to give the authority outside of the banking system putting them under the same scrutiny any other Public Corporation expect so all of these crimes being committed will come to light.

Many heads will roll over the next few years...
Let's hope so.
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