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Default Re: Energy healing of a cancer tumour

Yes I seen it on the video of Gregg Bradens video Spontaneous Healing

He says that it is done by "thought" the same way that group meditation is used. He also mentioned that it didnt need to be a crowd of people, one person could do this.

You just have to ask. He points out that the full writings of Jesus was not in the Bible. No one has to imagine too hard about who was responsible for taking much of Jesus's words out of the Bible

I am not sure of the exact wordings as Gregg put it but here is what I do remember

He says Jesus says Ask and ye shall recieve. What was removed was the part that says......When you ask, you must ask with no restrictions. Fell the change and walk away as if you have already recieved what you asked for

He does the example of the Shaman asking for rain............He goes to the field, puts his head down to say a prayer, feels the moisture in the ground as if it rained, smiles and walks away !

So in Spontaneous Healing, all the people visualize the tumor disapearing
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