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Default Re: North Korea currency change sparks panic

Steve_A quote:
As I understand it in the US and in the UK, our birth certificate makes us (the person named on the birth certificate) responsible for the national debt as in the case of these two nations the governments are actually corporations. I'm only just starting to read up on this so I'm not the most reliable to be asked for further information, perhaps somebody else knows more. But this liability makes it perfectly legal for these two governments 'charge' it's persons (named on the birth certificate) for any shortfalls.
The government created a look-a-like legal fiction, that is, a corperate vehicle for interfacing with the public side of government.

They did not disclose this fact to the people, that being, the ones expected to take that responsibility. Therefore, as an operation of Law, that contract our Mother signed on our behalf, which the government forced and deceptively encouraged is void Ab-intio. (from the beginning)

So It is not legal at all. Its just people do not understand the language of law and assume they are liable, when clearly they are NOT.

You have the right to reverse this assumption and revoke the queens authority to act on your behalf, particularly the fact that your mother never had your consent to sign such contracts and was not knowlagable of the consequenses of them.
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