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Default Re: The smoking gun NASA a Fraud Proof Of Life On Moon

Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
Yo! Philbert!
Relax! Shanti!
Majorion is not your enemy.
Both of you are posting truly fantastic stuff, that has made me really happy!

Thank you for the link, Philbert. Very impressive! I had a look & saved it to my 'favourites', so I'll be coming back & spend some time there.

By the way, you should get a hold on Courtney Brown's 'Cosmic Voyager'.
He's been Scientific Remote Viewing Mars in the 90's.
A very interesting read indeed.

No enemy here.
Majorion is friend
My enemies are those who have hidden these things from us.
No enemies here in these forums, all of us here are looking for the same things, Knowledge.
Knowledge leads to understanding then to truth then wisdom.

I am very happy that there are those here that have an interest in to what I can give, It helps me to believe that I have not lost my own mind.

Thank you for your nice comment. I love working with people such as yourself and Majorion, and all those who truly have a interest into these things that will change our time. I have found that most us who have a great interest into these things, approach these ideas without a bitter personal slandering. as many do outside these forums who are in denial.
Everyone here knows what I am talking about, when you try and explain even the idea of life on other planets to some people they call you all sorts of names, and slander your ideas because they just cannot believe what they are seeing or hearing.
I have not found that here, that also makes me happy because we are making progress.

So far we are all here on the same pages.

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