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Default Re: The smoking gun NASA a Fraud Proof Of Life On Moon

Originally Posted by Philbert View Post
You have viewed them for less than one day, and you are going to tell me I don't understand what I am looking at?
No, no, not at all.

I apologize for the misunderstanding, about what I was saying, it was NOT an effort to undermine your conclusions at all, nor was it meant to be offensive in the least. More like a colleague sharing his model/view applied to your discovery, I'm sure we won't see eye to eye, and everyone's different, but that's the whole point.

I know many many people who don't agree with me in anything, but they're friends nevertheless, and our research is always shared.

I'm sorry if you were offended, it was most certainly not my intention.

So when you say in the same sentence “there are cities under there” then go on to pretend you can interpret the objects in the images as Ruins. Show me the cities you claim so I can interpret them.
Yes I agree. There are two models here:

One says there is intelligent life thriving on Mars right now and always...

The other model is ancient. Which is what I ascribe to, simply because I found the various IR data too compelling.

Here's the main Cydonia analysis I refer to, please visit these links:

Also, highly recommend you download this .TIF image, , open with image editor, and turn up saturation maximum.

If you haven't tried that out before; its way cool. Just give it a shot, you'll enjoy it for sure.

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