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Default Re: The best video on drugging up our children for profit for big pharma

My take;

ADHD is, and always been a complete farce. At best a condition brought about by a couple of practices:
1. TV babysitters.
Have you watched a "production cartoon" made in the last 10 years? Me, I grew up with Bugs Bunny, Barney Bear, etc... complete stories. Stories which could be followed, and even entertain live thinking humans of almost any age!

I have checked into an occasional modern one. There is no story! What they are is a collection of 4-10 second "events". Even if a child watched one, start to finish, there isn't even a chance to develop an attention span longer than a few seconds.
2. The process of distraction.
Child is doing something they shouldn't. Parent says "Stop that." and then hands the child something they are allowed. Rather than staying with the job of teaching the lesson about "leave that alone", parent returns to what they really wanted to do instead of parenting. This process continuing until something on the TV babysitter catches the child's attention.
If anyone in the classroom should be drugged it is the teacher! And only long enough for the school to hire someone with actual teaching abilities, which includes instilling a sense of mental discipline, when it has to be applied, and such.

Thus speaks the Old Fart,

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