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Default Re: Soil: Research links Nitrates with Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Parkinson's - coffee he

Great thread no caste and all true. The soil has been 'mined' of its nutrients the past sixty years and people are getting sicker and sicker. The only way to farm is biologically, using organic methods with modern science. This way delivers healthy crops and healthy animals. Acres USA is a great source of info in the States for how to go about this. We farm this way in New Zealand with great results. No nitrates are used on the land. The systems are also cheaper and more profitable. Dr Arden Anderson is also a fabulous teacher who teaches how to farm biologically. Its tragic that he is largely unknown in America (he is American) but he is well known around the world for his expertise and knowledge.



Ps A refractometer which tests the sweetness of plants can tell you if something is nutritionally dense. It was first used to test grape sweetness, but we use them to test all plants for sweetness. **** food is bland with no taste or sweetness.
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