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Default Re: Talking of FaceBook

"The photo is then compared to shots on social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter before personal information, which can include phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, is sent to the user. The software developer, Swedish company The Astonishing Tribe, is currently testing the software, which works on phones with a camera of five or more megapixel resolution." Zeddo

Thanks for this info - I have personal reasons for not having my photo on the internet and the main one is that there are people in this world that I do not want to be in contact with. This is only going to make things worse... especially for victims of stalkers, bullies, criminals etc.

I will pass the word around - do you know if it will work if people have their facebook pages only available to their friends? (i.e. you can't locate the page unless they invite you?) My children do this and I have told them I am sure there is a way around it

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