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Default Re: Royal Rife: Cured Cancer and 50+ Other Fatal Diseases in the 1930's - Heres How

Hi Phtha,

I have been using a Frequency Generator / Rife Frequencies since March 2008.
I have MS.

I took a 'baseline' before I started - scored myself form 0->10 for 12 different 'symptom areas' - lots of higher numbers... now all down significantly- some down to 0!!
I am a different person! I can sleep, eat, virtually No Pain... amazing!!
I used 868Hz mostly, with 727 & 20 at times - whatever resonated on the day?

I have the machine on 10,000Hz every day- was advised to place a jug of water near the machine for half an hour or so.
{When I dowse my resonance with tap-water, it's strongly negative. After filtering overnight- it goes to 'ok', but after being subjected to 10K, my pendulum goes Positively clockwise! I 'treat' all the water I drink / cook with etc and also keep a bucket under the machine for my houseplants }

I know people whose tumours have gone into remission with frequencies, a friend with psoriasis has made amazing progress, another pal with severe allergies & fatigue doing a lot better... lots of 'success stories'!

Another thing that works for me, is Orgonite / Orgone Generators; a fascinating 30min video in the iife & work of Wilhelm Reich,
An Ebay shop I buy Orgonite pendants / pyramid Orgone Generators from - good info on Orgone Energy Theory on item descriptions.

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