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Default Re: Be the change you want to see in the world

Hello !

... am i the only one to have this feeling deep within myself: it's time to rise and shine our light, in unity, respect and love and create the world that all of us wish? Why do we have to wait for a horrible cenario to happen to change our minds, our hearts and beliefs and our reality?

It's all about choices!

In my opinion it's more than time to be the change we wish to see in our world! Don't be afraid, love with all your heart every being from this and other planets (even if they act or express themselfs in a less positive way, because if they act in such way is because they haven't remembered yet who they really are, their true essence, that we are all One and although we are expressing this reality in a individual way, we are all connected. And trust! We are (all of us, without exception) amazing, lovable and powerful beings (that have been deceived and hipnotized for thousands of years) ... but have now the chance to step into a new level of conscience.

Peace, Love and Light

Ethereal Sea
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