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Default Re: The Ashtar Command & the Galactic Federation

Originally Posted by MichalPtacnik View Post
To Swanny and others who are against the idea of GFL: I know next to nothing about it but I've heard a few messages from sources like Metatron, Gabriel and others and they seem spiritually sound and not at all dark or meaningless. Where does your opposition to these chanelings stem from?
Hi Michal
I'm not against the idea or the message from the GFL I just don't believe it comes from aliens or anything else. In my opinion it's just a few people having a laugh. Probably got the idea one night down the pub having a few beers.
They always say the same thing. Everything is great we love you blah blah blah please hang on for a little while longer we are coming to get you very soon. But they never come
If they were to use a different format to youtube or some cheesy website then I would listen a bit more.
Maybe they could take over the television channels, or de-cloak a massive ship over France but they never do.

What is channelling? Anyone can say they have been given a message by something or other but there is absolutely no proof either way. So again until I know better then I do not believe in channelling
Channelling is just people with good imaginations making stuff up, it's really not hard to do.
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