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Default Re: A Trip Into The Supernatural : The real truth is hidden

I am of the same view as you are Mystique, regarding our souls, and I am somewhat surprised that the Seventh Day Adventist do not believe that the soul is eternal. How do they reconcile the purpose of forgiveness and the fact that Jesus, we are told was crucified for our sins in order that we gain everlasting life if they also believe that our soul dies? I for one, am a little suspicious of Morneau having such a vivid memory of his early life and the experience with the spiritualists. What took him so long to tell his story? He comes across as genuine but hard to believe he remembers so much detail back in 1944 etc. Is this just a video to recruit Christians to the Aventist Church? How old do you think he is now and when was this interview done? He must be in his eighties. I do believe that there are a lot of players in high places that worship L and they are bringing destruction upon our world for the purpose of reducing the world population to 500 million as per the Georgia Guide Stones. I myself follow a philosophy and teaching found at, but then I could be wrong in believing in that teaching also. After all we could all be being manipulated on a grand scale. We certainly are on a physical plain, why not from the spiritual.

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