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Default Steve Quayle:12/03/08,coast to coast am.
Steve Quayle talks with George Norey on coast to coast am 12/03/08
Many fascinating subjects discussed in this show.
Flashpoints & Giants

Researcher Steve Quayle discussed the world's escalating flash points and his new work on giants. Regarding the multiple areas of growing tension in today's society, Quayle said, "I think a lot of the people who have been living in denial now have to admit that things are really getting absurd and dangerous in the world."

He traced the source of much the world's present woes to the "international banking elite," saying "if money is the root of all evil, then the control of that money is the control of that evil." He asserted that the ultimate agenda behind the financial crisis is to "bring America down to third world status." Quayle talked about future events which may take place, in line with this plan, such as a massive "ammo tax" to curb gun possession, escalating American tensions with Russia over oil, and use of chemtrails to sicken the population.

In the second half of the interview, he talked about his latest research into giants (see accompanying image). Quayle alleged that shadowy elements of the government are keeping giants in suspended animation at secret labs in order to study their genetics. According to his sources, the body temperature of the giants "runs around 120 to 130 degrees" and that "these guys can go 40 miles per hour in two steps."

Quayle was later joined by an anonymous pilot who claimed to have transported a dead giant, shot by the military, while stationed in Afghanistan. He estimated that the creature was "12 feet tall, give or take" and "around 1,100 pounds." The pilot noted that the being had six fingers on each hand and its feet were adorned with "rudimentary shoes" made of canvas. According to what his superiors told him, the giant body was eventually "transloaded back to a base in Ohio."

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