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Default Re: Fellow Ground Crews - Anyone staying to brave the UK?

Well i'm stopping even if its just to say........ "told ya so"............... to all the doubters.
we're stocked got enough dosh and armed to the teeth ...well an airpistol and knives and forks, too old to start trekking about so i will be keeping the Dunkirk spirit up keeping heads down watching our backs and getting ready to hit the North Yorkshire Moors if needs be, i had a dream some months ago really vivid so much so that when i awoke i ran to... (well hobbled, crippling arthritis of spine and legs/knees)... the bathroom to check the window was closed, then i realised i was awake and must have been dreaming, let me explain!. I was on the front with our two collies doing there late night ablutions as they do every night, to hear very distant sound of jet aircraft.... i looked to the night sky to see lots of jet aircraft flying south to north over Middlesbrough, between these planes was some other craft the likes of i have never seen but these craft were leaving vapour trails clearly seen in the night sky, i called the dogs and hurried inside my family asleep in bed, i hurridly closed the door (and while writing this i can feel the panic i was having at the time) making sure all the windows were shut, the last window was the bathroom window as i pulled it closed something (a creature / alien...... i don't know what) tried to stop me but i struggled and managed to close it. Thats why i hurried to the bathroom after i awoke. Don't know what it meant but a few nights later (a dream). whilst doing the same thing with the dogs on a night an alien craft landed in the cemetary next to our house, same routine rushing into the house pulling windows shut ect;. I could go on but i'll give someone else a chance
Any how good luck and best of British to us all in the up and coming next few months, because i think we're gonna need it.

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