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Originally Posted by Nenuphar View Post
A big THANK YOU to those who have already introduced yourselves. As Project Avalon is officially launched, I am sure we'll be meeting many more Canadians who are looking to connect. Exciting times!

I am in "learn and observe" mode, myself. I happened upon CMN and Project Camelot (as well and MANY informative videos on YouTube) over the Christmas holidays in 2006. I cannot tell you how many hours I spent in front of the computer, it felt almost constant, but I also felt like a whole new stream of information I never knew existed was presenting itself to me. Aliens? WHAT?? Free Energy? Alternate Timelines? Even as I slept at night, for the period of about 3 weeks, it felt like my brain was processing and compartmentalizing all this new information. It sounds a little crazy...and I'll be honest, I wondered if I really was losing my mind at that time.

Now it's a matter of trying to keep up with new information and trying to discern what is truth, what is well-intentioned misinformation, and what are out-and-out-lies. Easier said than done sometimes. *L*

I look foward to hearing more from all of you in the months to come.

Hi everyone I was so happy to find project avalon site and find so many great men and women among it's members. As for me- I was recently awoken by a coleegue of mine who I proudly call my friend now. Man oh man .. it definately feels like he unplugged me from the Matrix I always felt that there is something wrong with the world (and heard this expression from others so many times) but was too ignorant to find out what it is... untill this Friend of mine one day started talking about financial fraud as long as medical, political, and the whole agenda of the PTBs. The conversation or I should call it a monolouge since the only thing I was doing is nodding my head lasted for about an hour and my brain was about to explode After I went home and kind of forgotten about this .. I call it a "red pill" that he gave me untill my 15 y.o. daughter sent me a link to a zeitgeist movie. I wached that and... the "red pill" kicked in! Since then I've experienced what our Friend Nenuphar was discribing in his reply. I've spent a lot of hours and still do doing my so called "homework" and I am glad to join this "class room" on project avalon. As for my geographical location I am in Toronto.

Peace to everyone,
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