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Default Re: The greate deception (Video Vision)

Thereís a lot of deception being played out everywhere, thatís why I question everything. My inside source has revealed to me (a while ago) that David Icke is spreading dis-info for TPTB. Interesting because he was the first person I have ever heard talk about most of this stuff. Other than the ďLaw of AttractionĒ I canít vouch or place much trust in any of his work or anyone else spreading these similarities without any actual FACTS. Why canít any of these guys produce any facts? It has been said to watch out for his peers, others who may possess physical resemblancesÖsuch as his skin tone, hair color and textures, etc. wtf, are they aliens?

Anyway, Iím still waiting for them to activate my account on the new forum. I have some serious questions and a few comments I want to place on there. I donít know whatís taking the adminís so long to activate itÖ.itís been a week now.

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