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Default Re: cliff high(hph) on rense

Originally Posted by Wellerite View Post
Yank Pirate -

The twin earthquakes due for December 11-14 have been showing up in the linguistics since last December. They thought there might have been a chance that it referred to the drill California had a month ago but the data is still coming in regarding this event.

My advice to any Americans who live in earthquake prone areas to vacate that area for about a week around this time. We'll know nearer the time, keep checking George Ure's sight as he's now talking about it daily......
Thanks your profile's "fractal" reference and have always believed the same.

I've noted the conclusions going back nearly a year. Also have read the info on previous accuracy re earlier sea and earthquakes. And I do scan their sites everyday. I still believe lots of posts confuse the Market and Terra key words...and then mix that confusion into George or Clif's public comments.

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