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Default Re: The Global Crisis and the ultimate secret of the Empire

We are Not lab rats, we are merely ignorant of our innate power, our precious connection to godmind.

I came to the only conclusion available to my (dumb-downed) mind about this whole b'ness... that power is being wielded by quote "superior knowledge" < kept from us purposely w/agenda.. had to be technology above what we're privy to... aliens & extraterrestrials (I learned the differentiation from Swerdlow)... this high-ness must be in control else why the successful mystery, unanswered questions.

AND I've also come to understand that those that hold a higher vocational power than I (and most of us) are more mind controlled than we are... I hope so at least, as it gives them a chance to be EDUCATED as well.

Think about it, your medical doctor, too busy to stay involved w/REAL health, preventative & treatment; their egos are too invested w/money for one thing... tho I applaud those MDs that have "repented" (forgive the religious terminology. Good people led astray thinking they are helping others.... that's how I see it.

Yes, there are certainly THOSE that are conscious (con=with; science=knowledge)...

Amnesty .. yeah, good idea...
I can do it.

Those in the upper levels of government power are THE most likely to be misled/mind controlled/etc... that's my take.

I wish these people to take the task of their conscience, at the expense of their livelihood... considering that means suffering, well, I wish these people/whistleblowers/government seat holders... would network, find a way to gather together...

is it too late? I think not.

And, I'm also very interested to learn more about my innate powers (the real knowlege and not this new age BS) get my drift?

this is the most superior article I've yet read and will try to find time to write feedback to the source.

Love... that is heartfelts<
Thought... that is the mind<
may they both align... for, the heart always wins, at least the human heart.

I dislike writing hastily, but alas, once again, I have.

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