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Default Re: The shocking truth about public schools

Originally Posted by Kikine View Post
Haha sry but that made me laugh. Honor program. For sure i would never do that. And there are reasons for that you know. And it is not because students dont want to learn or work(like most people think) etc. Honor are too demanding for nothing. I know people in those kind of program and there are becoming crazy by all the stuff there is to do. I always had super grades at school and i always did my best but i assure you that school is too demanding. I think nobody can understand that if they havent been to one recently. I am in a normal program because Honor are too ''stressed''. I would have been able to get into one. But Honor program are just too loaded. It kills your brain. (in a manner of speaking llol). There are reasons for that.. i just name one.. anyway... I could go for hours so lets stop here
Kikine: thank you for your input. Since you are in the system at present, I feel your opinion is most important to share.

I am entering into the elder years (I think) and when I was in school, I was bored out of my mind. I always had questions that I asked, and was told to not question but to accept what I was told. When I raised my hand and said "but sir", I was sent to the corner to stand alone as punishment.

Today my opinion of schools and Universities is that they are extremely boring and designed to program the students to conform to the system at hand.
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