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Default Re: So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu !

I've often thought of my time on the forums as a learning and testing ground. In addition it is a place for the dissemination of information which is something i've been involved in the real world, as compared to cyber world, for years. What I found in cyberville is that there is a much broader distribution of a pure message without it becoming distorted by he said, she said. Instead, it is source data if the contact is reliable and has integrity.

I also see the net as a meeting ground for many who in real life may never have had an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with others who are outside of the small circle of family and friends that one has.

And I see the forums as the grass roots movement where like-minded individuals can link together and make a different pro-active future. Indeed, I find value in both 3D outside growing food and cyberworld inside expanding one's knowledge and friendship base to include global connections which are enriching.
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