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Originally Posted by Jnana View Post

Sorry to rub you the wrong way - I did not think my wording was as strong as you seem to have taken it. My bad. The clip in question has been discussed extensively in another thread (or threads), as have other clips from the same person. Probably not much point in going over all of that again here.

My point is simply that experiencers who have the courage to come forward should be treated with kindness. The reason is simple - if we scare off the ones who don't dazzle us, what's that going to do to those watching in the wings? Do you want to know what they have to say or not? People can apply discernment, believe or disbelieve as they wish. But if there is no new information presented, there'll be nothing here to apply discernment to.

Again.... I'm not seeing your point. I simply stated my opinion, thanked her for the entertaining video, and went on about my business. I'm fully aware of the other thread, and I've seen things said by others that are FAR more offensive than anything I said.

I'm not trying to scare whistle-blowers/contactees/people with information away at all, but treating every single piece of material that's presented to us as genuine, when it's clearly evident that said material is questionable at best, is absurd.

I welcome all information/experience/knowledge that anyone wishes to share with me, but it's my God given right to come to my own conclusion as to whether or not I place any value into it or not. Being that this is a forum of open discussion and interaction, I have a right to voice my opinion when I see fit, as long as it follows the guidelines set by Bill & Kerry/Project Avalon/Camelot, respectively.... and that's exactly what I've done.

I DO understand the point you are trying to make.... heck, I even appreciate it.... but you're coming at the wrong person here. Good luck, God Bless... have a nice day.
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