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Originally Posted by Jnana View Post
I think Linda has good intentions and has experienced some unusual events, like many people on this forum. Please don't judge her harshly just because you don't agree with her interpretation of what her video recordings are showing. She is doing her best to make sense of things, as are the rest of us. Some of the best parts of the message are in later sections. I think there is an interesting story here, although it would probably come across better in the hands of someone more skilled in telling such stories. Interviewing yourself is a difficult thing to do - it's too easy to pass over things the audience really wants to hear, and to focus on things the Avalon crowd is already familiar with.

Linda - thanks for you effort.

I said nothing harsh in my post. I simply don't buy the cheap effects that were used in the video.... now if I were to have called her a **** *****, I could understand the need to reply in the manner in which you have, but I simply stated that I was GENUINELY interested in seeing her video, due to the "amazing" things she's repeatedly stated capturing on film, but then when I viewed said video, it was evident that NOTHING was there. Was it entertaining, listening to her go on and on about things she's seen, places she's been.... with only self-drawn pictures to back up her claims, ect? OF COURSE IT WAS.... but did her material hold any real value, or evidence that cant be chocked up to cheap effect and hoopla? I think not....

Several people on here are WAY too easily steered into believing anything someone says, without doing any investigating, or even simply thinking about it in full, before signing up as a devout follower.... Sheep amongst the slaughterhouse.....

In closing, don't you DARE accuse me of judging someone, just because I don't buy into whatever they are trying to sell me. I got a laugh out of her video, I didn't condemn her to eternal flame and brimstone because I wasn't in agreement....

And in response to your "I'm sure she had good intentions." I'm going to let you in on an old saying my preacher used to tell the congregation. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions.". I think that's about right....

Have a nice day....
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