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Arrow Q'uo

"The situation of your people upon Gaia, or the entity you call Planet Earth, is one which has been maturing and ripening throughout your last several thousands of years as cycle after cycle of empire has risen and been brought to dust, only to spawn another empire with aggressive and hostile feelings and emotions buttressing the point of view that conquers and controls.

These cycles of empire have not lessened as this last major cycle has progressed, but rather there has been a stoppage of the willingness of those upon your sphere to entertain what this instrument would call a new paradigm. We do not speak here of all of those upon your planet, but rather we speak in terms of those whose hands have been greedy for power.

Due to the natural tendency of those upon a certain path to incarnate in bunches, shall we say, you have before you now a large group of entities who have worked together, always fighting for position, but bearing enough amity towards each other to conspire to control the population of your planet and to bend all things to their will.

They have done this before. These entities have been faces at the banquet in Babylon, in Rome, in the Holy Roman Empire, in the Third Reich, and now. There are other cycles of service-to-self entities in other cultures and those who rode with Genghis Khan ride now within your eastern countries such as China, Korea, Japan, India and Pakistan, Israel and Syria. The list can go on."
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