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Default Re: Buddhist monks and RV - 2012

Originally Posted by arcora View Post
Sounds a lot like the biblical account.

Oh, but that's too religious.
Something inside me agrees with you about this being a religious thing,
Time and time again I get reminded of Revelations and how there will be someone who comes to bring peace who will not be what they seem.

I am not religious, I was once a born again Christian and saw the floors in it along with the hypocracy of those who go to church and decided that it was not for me, I have witnessed a UFO sighting and left me asking more questions than I could have ever imagined.

My life has always had me asking questions and searching for answers,I don't want to know the future and I don't dwell on the past, I live now and really don't worry all that much at all about tomorrow.

I like the Buddhist philosophy and incorperate some of it into my own belief system.

But still the one thing that keeps coming back time after time is Revelations, now I have only ever read it once a long time ago and couldn't quote scripture or even lay my hands on a bible now.

I think saying our future looks bright may be a little premature and saying that our ET friends are guiding the monks may be wrong as well.

If I want to decieve you, I will get the people you trust the most to trust me, then you will have no reason to doubt me.

The one thing about revelations is that people will willingly take the mark and worship the beast.

Would you take the mark of the first ET contact?
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