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Default Re: HR 1207 UPDATES "The Federal Reserve Transparency Act"

Fed is Lender of Last Resort to the Politicians


On Monday, Congressman Paul appeared on MSNBC's The ED Show to discuss Senator Dodd's financial regulatory reform bill and monetary policy.


Dodd says Congress must address financial reform

WASHINGTON, March 16 (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd said on Tuesday that Congress should not adjourn for its two-week Easter recess on March 26 without addressing financial reform.


Obama likely to make "activist" picks for Fed vacancies

Posted by Matt Hawes on 03/13/10 02:03 AM

Via the Washington Post:

The potential picks also suggest that the president wants the Fed to do more to restrict actions by banks that could endanger consumers, regardless of what consumer protection responsibilities the Fed ends up with in financial reform legislation now under consideration. The central bank failed to protect consumers from dangerous borrowing practices during the last economic boom, though it has taken more aggressive steps in the past three years....
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