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Default Re: RUN FROM THE CURE - The Rick Simpson Story

Thank you for posting this. I came across Rick Simpson's video online a few months ago and watched it through twice. He seems like a sincere, down-to-earth fellow. While I personally don't use/have never used marijuana, and don't have any serious ailments that I need to address (touch wood!), the whole subject of using hemp oil to treat illness fascinates me. It amazes me that people (including myself sometimes, I admit!) are wary of/hesitant about the use of hemp oil to treat illness, but don't blink an eye when highly potent (and sometimes toxic) prescription drugs are recommended. Out of interest, I contacted a few people who are members of a Facebook group about Rock Simpson. All of them spoke very highly of his character and more than once the replies I received contained comments like, "He is a Godsend, the world needs more people like him", and "Rick saved my life/the life of my _____".(mother, friend, etc).

I will continue to follow Rick and his mission to promote the use of medicinal hemp oil with interest.
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