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Default Re: This is what is over my house right now more CHEMTRAILS!

Hi eXchanger

They did this last spring too!!!

A massive chemtrail campaign for days and days then they stop for two days!

They are back at it this afternoon. Blocking out the sunlight and dumping chemicals onto the planet!
I would go take some more pics but its going to go find some beauty in nature instead today oh wait no im not...the forest is filled with a toxic mist...hmmmmmm.


Welcome to earth!

time to call in The Thunderbird nation/along with The Elementals
those nature spirits, seem to know, how to dispense of them !!!
Any suggestions on how this is done. i just try to send out thought by thinking about them. maybe there is a more refined technique.

sometimes they just turn into giant 200 foot wide faces in the sky and sneak up on me and do a fly by Yea send ya for spin when you see that for the first time lol

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