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Default Re: Healing list....put the name here ....

You know in all our healing thoughts for certain individuals...we have forgotten, only momentarily, there is a whole world out there that needs healing...a world that lately many of us have become so afraid of that we are separating ourselves, and finding that we need to develop small groups to become communities of like minded individuals.

The fear has become so great it has stopped us from creating a whole world of like minded ones... to share with all...all of humanity...not just individual groups...but ALL.

We here have all come to the conclusion that there is something to fear.

Let me share this first...
The Antichrist is the altered ego and its kingdom is social
consciousness. It is that which does not allow unlimited thought;
and its dogma is fear, judgment, and survival. The Christ is man
wholly expressing the power, the beauty, the love, and unlimited
life of the Father that lives within him. It is man realizing that he
is divine and becoming that realization, transcending dogma,
prophesy, and fear, for he knows that beyond social consciousness
lies the unlimited vigor called God.
So the Antichrist and the Christ share the same temple, and
that temple is you. Everything is within you because the God that
you are allows both the Antichrist and the Christ to be. It allows
life and death. It allows limitation and unlimitedness.
You have heard of the prophecy called Armageddon? Well,
you have been living it all of this life. Armageddon is the battle
between the realization of God and the recognition of the
Antichrist, which is the altered ego that does not allow unlimited
thoughts to enter your brain for unlimited expression. It is the war
between social consciousness and unlimited knowingness. That is

Then let me add..the world and humanity needs a we can conclude that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

For all the healer out there...please lets heal the world..and take back our power as the new and healed human race...We are all one

Blessing to you all...

Farewell and may God bless

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