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i've been living in this lie that doesnt exist for so long (46 years),that it turns out i'm pretty good at it.been thinking about it alot.
been thinking about my role,which i take full responsability for.i blame no one.
if i had to blame, i would have to blame us.everyone as a whole humanity.
there is no solution in blame,plain and simple.none
blame in my head,of late,is more of a self reflection than an accusation.
the lie that doesnt exist has an accusitory meaning for the word blame,meaning that it is always someone or something elses fault.
if i blame us as whole,me included,with no exclusions,blame becomes irrelavent.
so,i blame us for fear mongering,racism,hunger,everything that is wrong with the is our exeptions.(looks like i had to,lol)

i was given an opportunity to ask the lie that doesnt exist, a question.
it said to me,excact words.....ask me no question and i'll tell you no lie.
so i thought to myself,what else could a lie say,hmmm
i couldnt think of a single thing to ask it.

it said ,your not trying to tell that you dont like being this synthetic human i've turned everyone into.huh are you.

lol,lol,lol, i said, i knew i'de get you to tell me something with out asking anything.i already got you figured out.
your a lie that doesnt exist.why would i go to you for answers,if you dont exist.

as i was walking away,i heard it screaming....dont you think synthetic is better.

i thought to myself,not anymore.

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