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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

Yeah I read that. I'm curious what this new deal with South Korea means. Oh, I found you on Skype by the way.

So here's the thing, while I'm sure things will be safer in South Korea than they are with the US, I'm guessing that many of us here are from the US, with many friends and family back home. Also, I know South Korea's currency is very much tied to the US dollar. Now, maybe these new deals will help distance the won from the dollar, but I read today in the Korean Time that apparently the won is doing the worst out of Asians top ten currencies.

Either way, I think we'll have to wait and see what happens. I've been following the Half Past Human dudes like it's my job lately, and with this recent announcement, I'm going to guess that on October 7th, there will be a bank holiday that will shut down the entire banking system for a week (I'm thinking just the US). This will cause a major panic as people will be very angry they can't get their money. I think this is what the HPH guys were talking about when they said it was going to be a economic thing. Then on the 15th is when they talked about a military misunderstanding....

I'm not going to guess what happens on the 15th, but for right now, I'm betting the Oct. 7th event will be a bank holiday.

Time will tell...

- J
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