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Default Re: Land in Thailand

Thanks for that info bulbous, those sound like some wonderful opportunities.

For those unfamiliar with land sizes in Thailand, land in Thailand is measured in the standard unit of 1 Rai.
1 Rai is 1600 Square Meters
1 Acre is about 2.5 Rai
1 Hectare is about 6.25 Rai

People should be aware though (as I mentioned in another thread Why Thailand?) that there are a range of different types of Thai land "deed". Sor Kor or Sor Por Gor only entitles the holder to farm on the land and one cannot build on it. Tor Bor Tor type of land must be used for agriculture, but a single house for the farmer's use may be built on it.

Originally Posted by bulbous View Post
It is not possible to own land in Thailand and in some cases the existing title may prohibit transfer of any kind anyway.
Well it is possible for Thai nationals to own land in Thailand or, indirectly, Westerners with Thai partners.
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