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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

well i hope you are right but im not taking any chances...i boughta whole mess of survival gear and i have been researching how to build various styles of debris huts, trapping wild animals for food, etc. right now im storing up noodles, beans, dried fish, dried sea weed and the like ..i hope everyone can do the same. true i think we got more time than the folks in the states but lets keep in mind the globalists r striving to bring down everyone...anyways. Im well aware of the brutal winters thats why i bought plenty of warm clothes ..granted the winters r intense i think with some creativity and a strong will..we can not only keep ourselves alive but thrive. i'll try to make it up to seoul but i cant promise anything..i will try..if you guys meet please post what you talk about and the conclusions you have come to. In the meantime. peace.


PS. My real name is Brandon also
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