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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

Hey guys and gals,

So because it looks like we might not be able to communicate on this forum anymore (subscription thing), I've put together a mailing list with everyone's email that I've got. I've got Mike's (mbowie), Brandon's (Shepard) and Phoenix's (sorry man, haven't gotten your real name yet, I looked though =P).

Mine is

Lile, I looked for you on Skype but wasn't able to find you. If you type in jeremiad22 or Jeremy Schulze you might be able to find me, and if you want to send me an email I'll add you to the list.

Hey Mike, I've only been here about a month, so you might know of a better place for us to sit down and have ourselves a good long talk. If Itaewon work's for ya'll it works for me (though I have to admit Mike, having your own bar is sweet, it could be like our secret HQ =P).

I've only been there twice so I haven't really gotten a chance to scope out good meeting places, so if any of ya'll know of a good place I'm down for where ever.

I'll send everyone on my list an email with everyone else's email. I just got my ARC and I'm waiting on my first paycheck before I get my phone (on the 10th... three days after HPH's big event... awesome).

I'll be thinking about those things you suggested Mike, and hopefully come next Saturday we'll all have some good ideas to toss around.

Catch you guys later,

- Jeremy
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