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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

Oct 11th works with me, which is going to be the second Saturday of Oct. My bar is located in Sinchon Station near Yonsei University. The name of the Bar is called Mike's Cabin, it's usually pretty busy on the weekends and it's quite noisy, so I wouldn't suggest it for a sit down and have a conversation type of place. I think Itaewon is ok with me, whatever that is more central for everyone. I know one of you is in Busan, which is about Four hour trip if you include the 3hr KTX to Seoul Station, and from there another 30min Subway ride to Itaewon.

From Bundang it's like about hour and a half or so...

Some of the things I thought we could talk about was;

1)Suggested locations for worst of the worst situations

2)How can we gather together to that location(s) incase of internet/cellphone disconnection...and what do we need to prepare...

3)What can and should we do to wake others up

I know there are a lot of things in people's mind, I have been living in Korea for past 5 years or so, though I can write some Korean, I can't say I am fluent, and certainly probably not enough to get these "conspiracy" theories across the general public, though I do know few who can.

Something to think about before we meet...

I don't have a cellphone, but my home number is 02-6408-9603, feel free to give me a call.

Email me at

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