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Default Meeting arrangement

Hey guys,

Ive spoken with Mike Bowen (up in seoul) and we were thinking about getting together for a meeting around the 11th of october up in seoul. I think by now we have about 4-5 of us and it would be beneficial for us all to get together around this time. Im only 2 hours from seoul and could meet anywhere convenient....someplace equidistant for everyone up there would be best. I know indigo you are down in pusan so that's kind of a pain for you but let's see if we can work it out. This weekend unfortunately im gonna be in gangwon-do with the g/f so it will have to be the week after. I have spoken with Mike who owns a bar up in seoul and we were talking about making some flyers and posting them around the bar with our contact info on it for anyone open minded to this information. So for now let's plan on October 11th saturday...let me know if you have any problems with that date.

take care all of you...see you soon
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