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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

hmm thats weird, perhaps you should use google earth then.. u can download it for free. i think its much better than using the search engines cuz..well, its right there as a really sweet interactive map the spelling that im using comes from google earth so maybe that is where the problems might be stemming from, cuz the spelling of these places might be different in the search engines compared to google earth...anyways, yah i think buddhist temples r prolly our best bet..high spiritual vibrations and a good, solid community mentality dedicated to helping humanity...language barriers can be dealt with after we get long as we make ourselves useful i think there would be no problem for them to accept us in. anyways keep the search going, i'll be posting links this weekend of stuff that i find.

your is rather interesting that the 4 of us r scattered on 4 completly different areas of korea..luckly we can still meet rather easily..its not like ur in canada and im in mexico or anything, haha..that would be interesting

anyways, im getting survival gear this weekend..if you have any savings i suggest you do the same. remember, camo is ur friend..particularly multi cam..try to get winter stuff, good knives, etc. we might be roughing it in the woods for a while , in which case we would need to build shelters from fallen timber and leaves....we need to at least get past the winter and early spring dried fish, nuts and dried veggies r ur friends too..90's worth in a duffle bag might do the any case it will be slim pick'ns either way until we find the right temple/monastary.

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