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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

maybe our best bet is to find a buddhist temple in Kangwon-do province..i have been looking on google earth and there is a little town or something called Habajae, there in Kangwondo. plenty of wilderness there..its far enough away from the coast and in the mountains..i think we would be rather safe there, hopefully we can find a buddhist temple there that will take us in. the very least maybe a farming village..the alternative is roughing it in the woods..which doesnt bother me really but we will have to make it through the winter and spring..if you can find a big amount of dried fish/squid, nuts, dried veggies, get a 90 day supply and through it in a duffle bag ..mean while get warm camo clothes, a good knife, and a blanket....remember if the military cant see us, the better off we will be...the big winter is upon us. also if you can find a way to get to Habaejae, then i'd take it. If you have better ideas let me know. thats what i got...peace
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