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Default Re: 'V' Movie Revisited

Originally Posted by trainedobserver View Post
I've come to think that the whole Grey, Reptilian, etc. business is going to turn out to be as bogus as Orthon from Venus and so forth.
At this point...I think that it's an actual phenomenon...but that 95% of the explanations and versions of this phenomenon are bogus bs. I have encountered actual supernatural events which indicated an invisible, yet intelligent, to exert significant physical force...on numerous occasions. I also recently had my first UFO sighting. Human Beings have souls. Perhaps these souls are stranger than we think...or can think. Perhaps varieties or perversions of these souls are responsible for most of the psychic, alien, ufo, etc phenomenon. Perhaps Reps and Greys were created in Human owned and operated genetics laboratories. Perhaps UFO's are constructed by Humans with Ancient Human Technology. Think Demonic Human Souls inhabiting Laboratory Produced Rep and Grey Super Soldiers. Think Human vs Human Civil War...going back millions of years. I think that this whole thing is very dark, sad, violent, ancient, deceptive, etc, etc. I really don't think that disclosure is going to make us happy...or be the answer. We'll just have a lot more cr@p to deal with. But we really do need to get to the bottom of this...and take out the we can move on.

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