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Default Re: 'V' Movie Revisited

I just want to express appreciation to all beings...human and non-human...who have tried to help the human race...and do the right thing...throughout history. If my Eve/Lucifer/Hathor/Mary/Anna et al theories are even remotely correct...I don't know whether this being or person is good or evil. I'm suspecting both. There is an aspect of this Hathorian figure that I am strangely attracted to. And there is an aspect which terrifies me...and which I feel hostility towards. I don't know what to this point. You would be amazed at what I see on the movie screen of my imagination. I couldn't possibly put it into words. I don't recommend spending a lot of time on this stuff. It's an emotional and spiritual black hole. On the other there something beneficial about contemplating a very, very bright and powerful female...ruling Earth from an inner Earth stargate temple...for thousands or millions of years...with full access to the Vatican Library (ancient human wisdom and technology?)...and with control of most Deep Underground Military Bases and Secret Space Programs? I still keep thinking that Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer...and the War in Heaven...are key to understanding how much trouble we may be in.

Once again...I like the good aspects of Anna and the V's...but I despise the worst aspects. Imagine someone who looks like Anna...with a 500 IQ...full reincarnational memory...photographic memory...the equivalent of 100 PhD's...a brilliant organist and musician...complete access to all ancient archives of wisdom and technology, etc, etc. Could this being have created the Reptilians and Greys in genetics laboratories? Does the Well of Souls contain only one basic type of soul? Are we all interdimensionals...really? I keep suspecting that full disclosure will drive most of us crazy. A lot of the secrecy probably is due to corruption and evil...but some of it is probably due to a reasonable determination regarding the adverse reaction of the general public. When Henry Kissinger was learning about all of this...he worked day and night...and would talk to no one...not even his wife. This led to their divorce. I think full disclosure needs to occur...but it may produce a real mess. I don't think there is any easy way out of this...and that's without knowing inside information. Things might be a lot worse than even I can imagine.

I just have to keep thinking about a Perfected Human Race (without eugenics or coercion) living in a Perfected Solar System. Perhaps if we all think about this...with a Solar System View...rather than a World View...we will eventually achieve this goal. Inch by inch...anything's a cinch. That sounds kinda sexy...doesn't it?

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom
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