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Default Re: 'V' Movie Revisited

I just finished watching the fifth episode of 'V'...and it was quite good...but I was disappointed with Anna...especially at the end. 'Anna! What big teeth you have!' Is Anna symbolic of a modern-day Hathor? 'V' is not what I keep thinking the reality of our predicament really is...but it contains some aspects of my conjecturing. Why can't there be the good side of the V's...without the bad side?

Is there really an Anna-like Human/Reptilian Hybrid who mediates between the Reptilian and Human races? If so...does this hybrid preside over most, if not all, of the Deep Underground Military Bases...and the Secret Space Program? Has this entity or presence been ruling Earth for thousands or millions of years? Would this hybrid, in essence, be Eve/Lucifer/Hathor/Mary et al? Please don't get upset with me. I'm not claiming to have the truth...or to have inside information. I'm just wondering as I a really passive manner...with no hidden agendas. However...with everything that I've been exposed to on the internet...and in my imagination...I'm beginning to feel like an insider...even though I'm not. It's a very strange delusion!

Could the whole Reptilian and Grey phenomenon really be a Human creation? Could our predicament really be a Human vs Human civil war...spanning millions of years? Were the Reptilians and Greys created to be super soldiers to be used in this Human vs Human civil war? Was this the Original Sin? Did they get out of control...and begin to take over? Have they taken over? I know that the demonic realm exists...but what is the true nature of this spirit world? If deception is the coin of the realm...will we ever really know the truth? Please seriously consider all of the questions and speculations which I have made on this, and other, threads here in Avalon. Some of them might be helpful...and actually contain some truth. With the closure of this forum...I will cease to post on any forum...for an extended period of time.

I would love to see a Solar System filled with Advanced Spacecraft and Deep Underground Bases and Cities. Perhaps it already is. I would love to see a peaceful and constructive interaction with benevolent alien races (if they really exist). Perhaps this is already occurring. I would love to see the United States of the Solar System become a reality. Perhaps it will. But I keep getting a sick feeling that we are in so much trouble...that a truly positive and lasting solution may not exist. I'm not trusting in God...or anyone this work things out, or to save us.

When I look at artist's conceptions of Hathor...I see a good side to this sort of an arrangement. But I suspect a very dark center of power on Earth...going back thousands or even millions of years. Power corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Why does everything have to have a dark and evil side? I am very disillusioned...very paranoid...and very afraid.

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