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Default Re: Stewart Swerdlow's "Illuminati News"

Some more info, regarding above post:

There are approximately eighteen hundred and thirty-three Reptilians living beneath the United States.

Their habitat is from one hundred to two hundred miles beneath the surface of the earth.

They generally live in caverns and the ancient tunnel systems created hundreds of thousand of years ago. They are not benevolent. And, every once in a while, they come up for a contact.

They have been seen in New York City, Missouri, Chicago, and in the southwest United States.

These area’s happen to be the largest areas where missing children occur, numbering in the thousands. The Andromedans state that thirteen thousand seven-hundred and twelve children have been taken by these Reptilians over the last twenty-five years.

In Linda Molten-Howe’s book, "Alien Harvest", there is mention of human body parts seen in underground bases.

The Andromedans confirm that we are being used for food. The Greys use our blood and it is the Reptilians that consume the live human flesh. Their favorite food is children because they lack nicotine, caffeine, and other environmental pollutants. Like we eat veal, they eat us.

-Alex Collier, Letters from Andromeda.

PS - Could someone tell me what is going on with this forum? Why new Avalon forum was launched?
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