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Default Re: Stewart Swerdlow's "Illuminati News"

Interesting news today:

"March 12, 2010

"The Large Hadron Collider outside of Geneva, Switzerland is being shut down again for 1 year for repairs to prevent a giant explosion. It may not be up at full power again until 2013.

"This is the second shut-down in 2 years. I had reported a while ago on sabotage from beyond this planet. It has become apparent that the efforts of the Illuminati are being thwarted from a much more powerful source.

"I will keep you posted on events at Geneva as I receive them. There are many underground tunnels that lead to France and under the lake there. There are many restricted areas deep underground. The Vatican also has a contingent there as do over 80 nations, despite what is officially spouted.

"Obviously, many secrets at the Hadron Collider location."
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