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Default Re: Project Cameloter in South Korea

Oh certainly. In fact, I imagine the more people we have the better (well.. you know, to a point). What, there seems to be like... four of us here? Depending on how things go, that might not be the best number for survival purposes.

Then again, I've never survived a cataclysmic event, so what the hell do I know?

Anyway, if anyone's down for a weekend coming up here, that's totally cool with me. Maybe this weekend or next. I have a feeling things might be getting hectic pretty quick.

Wherever we meet, it'd probably be good to do it during the day, you know, so everyone has access to the subways.

Shepard, you said you were somewhere in the middle of the country? How far away from Seoul is that? I know the buslines here are pretty good, so I'm wondering how long it might take to travel between the two.

So you guys let me know what's good for you, and we'll see if we can get something together.

- J

P.S. Do you guys have Skype? It may be easier as well to just set up some conferences too.
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