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Cross posted because I am getting anal that my friends form real-time conclusion and be(have) accordingly:

Hi All,

It seems to me that you could say, for extreme simplicity's sake, that there are two over-arching factions on the planet.

One faction has placed a major bet on CERN, and the massive funding, and military-industrial-espionage technology associated with it. There are many scientists and engineers working in compartmentalized projects underground, some of them similar to CERN. Henry Deacon has recently spoken publicly about working on projects similar to CERN. These projects have many levels, and compartments, in terms of physical and temporal displacement, and also in social space.

Others have elected to make sovereign *dis-CERN-ment of projects such as CERN, and of the personnel, and military-industrial-espionage technology associated with them, many of which operate in the classified, Top Secret or Black Operations world.

I am not a seer like Michael.

However, I am inclined to the view that it is no accident that CERN has been brought on line at this time. From a mathematical point of view, you could model our Earth time-line as a complex algorithm, reduce it to a predictive curve and project it on an ideal-type space-time continuum, called, say,"everyday reality". Maybe something like that has been done. Many curves have inflection points, and we are at a big inflection point on that curve right now. The global economy is in meltdown mode. It is no exaggeration to say that it may imminently fail, with unpredictable, chaotic consequences for the global time-line. Also at this juncture, there are major failures that may imminently occur in other spheres of the human experience on this planet.

It is likely that the global CERN faction is extremely con-CERN-ed about managing the outcome of these multiple, major, imminent inflections of the time-line we are on, and will employ all means at their disposal to ensure a result that is favorable to their continued domination of the global control system.

Naturally, this situation may call for great *dis-CERN-ment on the part of those who operate from a Heart chakra orientation.

To wit: all serious magicians employ circles in their work. Among other things, CERN is a big, extremely high energy circle. On one level, CERN could be seen as an attempt to dominate Mother Nature with brute force -- billions of dollars of financing, miles and miles of super-magnets, massive tunnel boring machines grinding away inside the Earth deep underground, etc. It is an attempt to parse the very warp and woof of the physical MATRIX in which we are immersed. If this isn't MAJIC, it will do in the nonce.

From the standpoint of CERN, their 24/7 operating curve has suffered an unfortunate 22/7 magnetic discontinuity. In other words, what goes around, comes around.

Cliff High, at Half Past Human, says that October 7th is the day when momentous events transpire. Cliff has said that he likes to eat pie when he reads the Half Past Human reports. I might have some pie on October 7th myself. I truly do like apple pie, though blueberry and peach are also tasty. Maybe some chocolate pie. Chocolate is good for the Heart.

kind regards,
Richard Sauder
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