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Fair enough... I guess I should qualify my statement about it being disinfo. While I'm sure that much if not all of the information is true, I see it as coming from the polarity consciousness factor of fear. I see anything promoting polarity consciousness as being disinfo, not because it is wrong necessarily, but because it either holds us back or puts us in reverse.

I do believe that these videos are conveying information that is accurate, specifically the parts about aliens being thought forms and beings that can shapeshift into the audio frequencies, things like that... but I believe they are coming from a desperate attempt to keep people fearful. I might be wrong.

A metaphor that comes to mind is that the vids might be coming from a being that feeds off of fear, and he is actually, desperately trying to feed himself.

At any rate, they are definitely worth a watch, but I stand by my suggestion that if people are prone to mind control or something, they should be cautious. Something about the vids strike me as being specifically made to hypnotize and suggest.
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