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Searching for Asuka Lucid

As the last dream ended I focused right away on entering a dream once more. Instead of waking up all the way, I immediately found myself in another dream already lucid. (I believe the correct term for what I did was DEILD).

Immediately I looked at my hands. The looked like children's hands. I look around at where I'm at. I'm in a huge mall. I walk a ways and remember to look for Asuka. I try to yell her name but no sound comes out of my mouth. I walka round a bit more and discover I am able to yell her name out. I call a few times, but she doesn't show up. a bit flustered I begin looking at all the women Dream characters walking around. The thought crosses my mind that I could just mack on one of them to make Asuka jealous, maybe then she'd appear. I then decide against it and keep walking. I find a staircase and walk up it. I come to an area where there is an elevator. I look around the area a bit more and Decide I should find a mirror to use as a gateway to my dream house (Where Asuka probably was at this time). I don't see any mirrors around.

I then figure I could try to open a portal. I forget pinky pointing is used to see energy. But I try with my left pinky to point ahead and open a portal. When I see my hand in front of me I can see my index is also pointing. I'm accidentally making a devil sign. I manage to pull the index back and keep pointing to open a portal. Nothing happens So I follow some guys into the elevator.

In the elevator there is a slightly reflective surface. I try to use that As a mirror to summon my inner world. I focus on the feeling of my house and Asuka but the reflection doesn't change. I then try to see if I can push through the metal part of the elevator. My fingers press hard but nothing happens. I focus harder on the feeling and they begin to push through slowly. I manage to open a small hole in the metal. I peer through expecting to see my inner world, but instead All I see is this haze of white and black. I try to enter through the hole But I can't seem to fit.

I give up that and turn around. Now I'm in a street outside but I seem to not notice the transition. I look around and don't see any houses that I recognize that could be my home. I find myself on a bike and pedal a few blocks. I got onto a highway and then later enter another neighborhood. I wonder how much longer the dream will last.

When I enter the next block, I see the road splits off. One way goes up a hill. The other one turns down. I remember Mornings Son had once seen a winding steep road that led down my house. I figured my house was up that way. As if on cue Two men from an intersecting street nearby began shooting at me with a gun each. They looked like Government agents. Black suit, boots and tie. They even had black sunglasses to boot. "Remote viewers!" I thought to myself. "How dare they interrupt my search for Asuka."

I look towards them, for a split second I'm unsure of how to kill them. As I look I either float fast or I am instantly teleported to where they are. I find myself crushing the windpipe of the one man's throat with my right hand, while simultaneously bludgeoning him in the head with his own gun. In a few seconds he's on the ground and not moving. no use beating a dead horse so I find myself at the other one killing him in the same fashion. He takes longer to kill, but once he's dead some of his blood is on my hand. I lick it up. I teleport to my bike and continue. The fight had me forget my reasoning of my house being up on the hill, So I turn left down a wide winding street and enter a street with rows of stores and restaurants.

I look around and see a bunch of women mannequins. I get off my bike and a green flag catches my eye. I then try to change it's shape or design by looking away at it and then looking back. I can't really tell if it changed or not. I shrug and teleport to my bike. I turn a corner and...

... find myself back in the mall on top of the staircase where the elevator is. Back to square one! I focus on my feeling of Asuka once more and look for a portal. Nothing! I then try again and see if there's a small hole to go through and go via the way carlos taught me. Nothing. I then focus on a small ledge and try to allow my awareness to drift there. I tried too hard so It didn't work. A slightly chubby women with glasses bumps into me. My glasses fall off and I pick them up. They are bent. The woman Apologizes and offers to bend the frames back. I then watch her as she fixes them. I try them on but they are dirty. She pulls them from my face and then cleans them with her breath. As she's wiping them I get dizzy and wake up.
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