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Default Re: GA-MCEO perspective on 2012 and Human Evolution

I have a friend that claims YAHWEH came down to her as a little girl and *imprinted* his name in her pineal gland.........YIKES!!! SCARY STUFF if you ask me, I'm very leery of all the archangels, gods, metatrons and tetatrons, and octomoms!

Am also hesitant of channeled material although there were some fine channels (Jane R, Carla R, etc) because it's known that there exists a program to direct information electronically to skull (see Obergon material where Rayellen Allen speaks about how she was targeted) and I have no doubt that is still in progress today (peaceful space brothers coming down to save us, etc)

Anna Hayes material does seem to explain a lot if the unexplainable.....but I have an issue with her complicated methods and I'm of the belief that as long as we are coming from our heart center, being of service to others, we are going to weather these changes just fine (DNA wise and all) even in event we lose our physical bodies. Just try to imagine some of the younger population for example who have come in with clearer karma-my 9 year old daughter comes to mind as a being that vibrates at high level heart and spirit wise- does she need to spend countless hours using A.Hayes method? - I doubt it and so I take issue with that- but her books do seem to offer some good material- as always , take what resonates and leave the rest.

Light of God said-
"This belief of duality is based on the paradigm of the "Law of Opposites" used in De-evolutionary Fall Systems where it is believed that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” and that “opposite encryptions and opposite polarities attract”. This is in contrast to the "Law of Reciprocation" used in Re-evolutionary Ascension Systems where it is believed that “for every action there is a reciprocally appropriate reaction” and that “like-encryption attracts like-encryption” and “opposite polarities attract”."

Totally agree with the above.

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