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Default Re: GA-MCEO perspective on 2012 and Human Evolution

at there is a thread summing up a lot of this. It is an excelent thread that really ties all we talk about here together

The Anunnaki Deception
The Big Picture behind the UFO Movement

Matter-Earth transited into Anti-Matter-Universe in 13,474 BC. Remained there for two consecutive
sub-cycles totalling 8852 yrs (2x 4426 yrs) and returned to Matter-Universe in 4,622 BC.

Since 198O's, Zeta and Draco's joined forces with a goal/aim to claim sovereignty over Earth.

Zeta have tendency to appear as Angels/Saints etc playing upon core religious beliefs. Zeta/Draco control
interior/underground government.

Subtle contact (multi-dimensional) communications can exist with-in the mind of the receiver (telepathy).
Keylonta = language of light, osund, symbols and energy. It is structure upon which manifestations are

built. Is the language of communicating thru time/dimensional portals.
The codes of Time-Portals and Dimensional-Lock systems are with-in the workings of keylonta.
Zeta & Interior Government have programmed the masses into fear and dis-belief. Basically keep

everyone in the dark and dis-empower the people. Do not give the people knowledge that would better
direct their own lives, health and economic standing/protection.

Zionites were involved with ancient egypt and sumerian cultures.

The Zionites went back in time and gave humans the Silicate Matrix or Crystal Gene. This contains the
full 12-DNA code.

.... and much much more... It's a real smorgasborge of info on all this stuff
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