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Default Re: GA-MCEO perspective on 2012 and Human Evolution


Very interesting points about Anna Hayes writings. I cannot speak to its validity. In my experience, I feel differently than she.

When one starts speaking of these matters as Science or scientifically based, one travels into a slippery slope of logic. Science is based on what is observable... and what can be inferred by direct observation.

These esoteric subjects are outside the realm of verifiable and repeatable science, as you know. In reality, anything is possible.

I feel that everyone has the freewill to decide their truth.

Many points we speak of here are subjective truths reached through experience and intuition, therefore, it is impossible to truly verbalize our own truths to a degree where another reading will be completely satisfied.

This is why I have only posed 4 times.

I believe that Life is part of death... Death is part of life.

Duality is in everything.

Lets speak of good or evil throgh the metaphor of hot and cold.

Are they not opposites?

Yet, these opposites are really the same thing... the difference consisting merely of degrees.

Look at a thermometer and try to find where heat ends and cold begins.

There are no such absolutes.

Heat or cold are merely a manifestation of a rate of vibration.

What is the difference between light and dark?

They are relative and one is needed to define the other... Therefore, in actuality, they are the same thing. One cannot exist without the other.

I know this seems nebulous and may not seem to answer your questions, but Its the best I can do (I gotta go to work).

In my opinion, I like to keep things simple. Love others and love oneself... the rest is moot and should be enjoyed as a fascinating journey.

About Michael, after that first encounter, I could see subtle energy as clear as day.

I saw that I lived in an area that had a lot of negative entity's lurking about, influencing others... including myself. I saw my own EMF weaken when I was near a computer or in fear. I learned how to strengthen myself over the next year... out of sheer neccesity. Those days were like living in daily science fiction. It seems initiations are always scary at first.

"Michael" was not violating my freewill, he was helping me take control of it (if I so chose) by helping me physically see that my thoughts could be influenced by things I couldn't physically see beforehand. Once my concept of reality got flipped, I could have easily become overwhelmed and could have given up, but I didn't.

Beforehand, I always wondered why people treated others so poorly. I never understood it. THis contributed to my existential dilema. I realized that thoughts have mass.

After "contact," It was like having magic lenses that allowed me to see that there was a lot of funky stuff going down in this city, Los Angeles.

BE well...
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