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Default Re: GA-MCEO perspective on 2012 and Human Evolution


First of all let me clarify that the information received by the MCEO speakers is not received via “channeling”/ “conscious mediumship”, but it is received via Keylontic Transmissions. Let me quote a passage regarding this from the summary 2 page that I referenced also in my original post:

“Keylontic Transmission” involves an organic process of “multidimensional bio-electric data transfer,” or “electronic data-streaming”, that is NOT “channeling”/ “conscious mediumship” — the Guardians have progressively taught about the hidden dangers of “channeling”, and have provided alternative, safer “Keylontic” techniques for inter-dimensional communication and contact. More information on “Keylontic Communication” is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1, the Voyagers books and in the MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVDs.
Now, let me comment inline on some of the science aspects that you referred to in your post:

Originally Posted by Stella Octangula View Post
As we know, these mathematical patterns and sequences are omnipresent in all life throughout the cosmos… from the micro to the macro. From cell division and atomic arrangements to the fractal displays seen in super novas and nebulas in deep space.
If you read Summary 2 you will see that the fibonacci sequence based "Bloom of Doom" technologies included a distorted mathematical growth formula for artificial finite life, which has been used since the Atlantean Period to create artificial life forms in nature. If you see life forms or natural constructs depicting the fibonacci sequence, it can be understood that they were generated using the "Bloom of Doom" technologies. There is also ample example in nature of biology and other constructs that don't depict the fibonacci sequence and thus the use of Metatronic Death Science. If you read through the summary page, you will also see that currently contemporary Earth is presently a “Blended System” with over 66% of its Encryption Lattice in Fall System BPR alignment, due to the usage of Metatronic Death Science.

It is interesting you say that the fractal displays seen in super novas and nebulas in deep space also depict the fibonacci sequence. Isn't that an example of Metatronic Death Science at work, while devouring these stars and galaxies?

Originally Posted by Stella Octangula View Post
This is interesting given the 3 dimensional form known as Metatron’s cube. This series of 16 nested spheres holds a coded recursive fractal template for all the regular and complex polyhedra, various tube torus (or wormhole) schematics, templates that enable one to plot astronomical movements and dynamics as well as a key for unlocking the geometries behind ALL crop-circles (even the one’s that seem irregular or assymetrical).
It is interesting you say that the Metatron cube structure is seen in various tube torus (or wormhole) schematics. Doesn't it leave the door open for the possibility that Metatronic Death Science could have been used to create these wormhole structures? When you see this structure appearing in crop circles, could it mean that these ETs might be using Metatronic Death Science? I invite you to evaluate and comment on all the science aspects of MCEO Keylontic Science teachings stated in this disclosure statement by the Guardians.

Lastly, let me comment on the experience that you had with Archangel Michael. It was a very benevolent act on his part to have prevented you from committing suicide. But you need to ask yourself, whether that act was committed by AAM with his knowledge of a future timeline, where that act would open you to manipulation by his Metatronic teachings.

With Love, Light and Awareness,
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